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Established in 2020 –

Talk To Me About Money, LLC all started with a blessing from some very good people. Some good people that are still involved in the development and overall balance of our brand to this day. Pushing the brand continuously, allowing not only the community but the entire world to understand the importance of accepting all of your specific blessings and chasing your dreams no matter the size.

Talk To Me About Money (TTMAM) is a clothing brand designed for everyone. Each piece is manufactured to be expressed and worn to any occasion. Customers can be seen wearing items on a Friday night out to dinner, while still being comfortable, yet stylish enough to wear in the office for a casual dress-down day.

Our small, black-owned clothing business starts as a way for people to feel confident through the clothes they buy, but soon, this fashionable streetwear line will become a major outlet for our community; providing local opportunities for those interested in retail, fashion, business, merchandising, philanthropy, and overall positivity.